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“Fora Garimpo” by Carlos Barberena


Hand-carved linoleum block letterpress printed using woodtype on Vandercook SP20 press.
With hand-screen printed transparent red layer.
18x24 on archival kraft paper 100lbs.

From the artist:
"Fora Garimpo" is an original limited edition Linocut print, Letterpress and Screen print (no giclee) printed on a 24" x 18" French paper. Unframed. 
Limited edition of 100, printed by hand. Signed and numbered. Published by La Onda Grafica, Houston, TX
This print is to raise awareness about the humanitarian catastrophe that the Yanomami indigenous people are suffering, largely due to the disastrous effect of illegal gold mining that has displaced them, brought diseases, child malnutrition, destroyed the land and contaminated the rivers with mercury and poisoning the Yanomami people. Mercury is used for gold mining to extract gold, over 90% of the Yanomami people have higher levels of mercury than the World Health Organization recommends.

Art by Carlos Barberena
Published by La Onda Grafica in Houston, Tejas